Executive Committee

Soul Food Executive Committee of 2015-2016

If you have any general inquiries, do not know which executive member to contact, or wish to contact either of the chairs, feel free to send the question to soulfood.queensu@gmail.com and it will be directed to the appropriate person. For all volunteer-related inquiries, please email volunteers.soulfood@gmail.com. 


Name: Alyssa Walters
Year: 4th
Program: Genders, History
Contact: 11apw3@queensu.ca

Name: Bertie Zhang
Year: 4th
Program: Life Science, CIB
Contact: 11bz15@queensu.ca

Marketing and Recruitment

Name: Kathleen Trought
Year:  4th
Program: Life Science
Contact: 1ket@queensu.ca

Name: Hayley Chung
Year: 3rd
Program: Commerce
Contact: 12hc36@queensu.ca

Events Coordinator

Name: Jessica Silverman
Year: 4th
Program: Psychology
Contact: 12jas1@queensu.ca

Secretary and Shelter Liason

Name: Ashley Boggild
Year: 4th
Program: Art History
Contact:  1akb2@queensu.ca


Name: Arun Kuruganti
Year: 3rd
Program: Commerce
Contact: arun.kuruganti@gmail.com


Name: Steven Bae
Year: 3rd
Program: Science
Contact: steven.bae@queensu.ca

Name: Philip Hache
Year: 4th
Program: Life Science
Contact: 0pgh@queensu.ca

Name: Bertie Zhang
Year: 3rd
Program: Life Science
Contact: 11bz15@queensu.ca