Mission Statement: 

Soul Food is a needs-based, student-driven organization that aims to support the local communities of its chapters. The organization strives to find creative solutions to, and promote awareness of local, national, and international problems of poverty and food security.

Queen’s Soul Food is a student run organization which delivers the unconsumed food from Queen’s University campus cafeterias to local Kingston shelters every night. The organization was founded in 2007 by Sheri Krell and Tyler Peikes. In our fifth year, we have now expanded to bringing the unused food from both Leonard and Ban Righ cafeteria to four local shelters as well as the Kingston Street Truck Mission in the winter.

Soul Food is a great way to get involved with the Queen’s community and with the Kingston community as a whole. We aim to raise awareness not only of the help we can give to the local shelters, but also to bring awareness and raise questions about our personal food consumption as a whole student body. Soul Food’s initiatives create an effective way  to gain first-hand exposure to the difference that more thoughtful food consumption can create.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help out, whether it’s to offer an extra set of hands for our nightly deliveries or to join our Social Awareness Committee for more ways to get involved with local Kingston charitable initiatives. You can get in contact with us by sending us an e-mail at soulfood.queensu@gmail.com.

If you have any more general inquiries, check out the FAQ page to see if we’ve got your questions answered.


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