SOUL FOOD SPOTLIGHT DAY 5: Kingston Youth Shelter

Youth Shelter Title

Queens Soul Food provides hot, ready-to-eat food to both our locations: Kingston Youth Shelter (234 Brock Street) and Kingston Youth Transitions (212 Yonge Street).

In Kingston and area, 1 in 3 homeless persons is a youth. Each year, we offer assistance to approximately 200 youth between the ages of 16-24. Youth who arrive at our doorstep come from all walks of life. There are many factors that may lead to youth homelessness such as: poverty, trauma, abuse, oppression, immigration, mental health, (dis)ability, addictions, or conflict with the law. Our agency provides youth with the acceptance, empathy, and support that they need in order to transition successfully into young adulthood.

Our youth really look forward to the nightly delivery of these delicious meals. We are so grateful for your support – thank you so much Soul Food!

Krystal O’Farrell
Kingston Youth Shelter

The youth shelter had a recent fire that unfortunately closed down their operations. They will hopefully be reopening soon! For more information on the fire and how you can support the youth shelter, please check out the links below.

Station14’s Media Release:

GoFundMe for Fire Relief:


Facebook Page:


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