Queen’s Soul Food Volunteer Hiring for Winter 2016

Want to become involved with a club that aims to spread awareness about poverty and food (in)security in Kingston and the surrounding areas? Then look no further. Queen’s Soul Food is looking for volunteers for Winter 2016! Soul Food will be looking for both Cafeteria Runners & Drivers – everyone is encouraged to apply!

Volunteer Descriptions:

Cafeteria Volunteer: Every night, a team of volunteers is assigned to a specific cafeteria. With your fellow volunteers (a party that includes a driver), you collect unconsumed food from the staff at your assigned cafeteria and deliver it to a local shelter. At the shelter, you collect the washed pans and bring them back to the cafeteria. Runs generally take no more than 30 minutes, and help shelters significantly reduce their expenses — sometimes by up to 60%.

Volunteer Driver: Drivers make cafeteria runs possible! They are responsible for transporting volunteers and unconsumed food from their assigned cafeteria to a local shelter. Drivers must own or have access to their own vehicles.

All Applications will be due Friday, January 8th by 11:59pm and can be downloaded below:

Volunteer Application Winter 2016

Looking forward to hearing for you!


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