Food in the News…

What to do with your old coat (that’s still in good condition), to the New York Times‘ article on the role of living standards in the US election:

The Kingston Whig-Standard. “Coat Drive Starts Early.”

The Kingston Whig-Standard. “Ontario Doctors Call for Junk-Food Tax.”

The New York Times. “Standard of Living Is in the Shadows as an Election Issue.”

BBC. “Singapore Seeks Answers to Rising Food Prices.”



Food in the News…

From community gardens in Kingston Ontario, to the Economist‘s look at solving rural poverty in India: the news this week.

Kingston Whig-Standard. “Students Get to Work in the Garden.”

The Economist. “Rural India: A Tale of Two Villages.”

AlertNet. “Photo Blog – World Food Day – Preventing Hunger.”

BBC. “Is the Era of Cheap Food at an End?



How Much Food Do YOU Waste?

There was an article recently posted in the Globe & Mail that made us over at Soul Food really think – it was entitled “How Much Food Do Canadians Waste in a Year?” Guess the answer – we’ve even included some helpful options below.

  1. 10 percent
  2. 20 percent
  3. 30 percent
  4. 40 percent

I won’t tell you the exact percent (you should really go read that article!) but the percentage of food wasted is estimated to be worth 27 billion. Who knew Canada could afford to have that kind of cash flowing down the drain?

With Thanksgiving marking the start of the Holiday season (and many large festive meals!) as well as Soul Food’s own Awareness Week coming up, we’d just like to remind you to take an honest look at your own consumption – how much do you waste?

If you have any relevant articles/websites to share, be sure to leave a link in the comments!